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Whether you are looking for a relationship, need to improve an existing relationship, intend to end an unfulfilling relationship, or feel stuck in a relationship, imagine what life would be like if you didn’t make a change. Or better yet, if you did.

What’s stopping you?

Our Relationship Coaching programs help you transform the quality of your life and create relationships you absolutely love.


“In a relatively short time, Coach Mehrdad helped me completely transform my life on so many levels I never imagined possible.

Through our coaching work, I learned to embrace my career as an extension of who I am — instead of letting it define who I am — which has led me to become the President of a publicly-traded company. … I learned to find genuine self-love & acceptance, healing deep family wounds. And I learned how to finally transform my traumatic divorce after so many years and believe in love again, which led to creating an extraordinary relationship with the man who is now my fiancé.

If you are looking for sustainable and real life transformation that brings you deep fulfillment and brings out the best version of you, Coach Mehrdad is the best partner you could choose for this most important life journey.”

— President of a Publicly-traded Company, Female, Age 45

“I have become so much wiser and incredibly more effective in my relationships, especially my romantic relationship. For example, I used to sabotage my relationships without realizing it. Not anymore. My love-life is so much more fun and fulfilling, not just for me, but also for my partner.”
— Mahshid, Female, Age 36
“I powerfully and appropriately completed an unfulfilling 10-year relationship. I gained more self-awareness and became clearer about what I want. I recognized some of my older paradigms & patterns that were no longer serving me and replaced them with more powerful ones. I learned how to say NO and establish boundaries in my relationships.”
— Byron, Male, Age 36
“I have become comfortable with who I am and have so much more trust in myself and the decisions I make. I used to have a pattern of putting my family and girlfriends first because I used to be a pleaser. Interestingly enough, I was completely the opposite in my romantic relationships: opinionated, dominant and selfish. However working with Mehrdad has brought some balance between the two characters through loving and trusting myself.”
— News Anchor, Washington D.C., Female, Age 30
“I have achieved something I had struggled with my entire life: being self-expressed in my family, work and romantic relationships. I now welcome what appeared to me as “difficult conversations” because I am able to see the opportunity for growth vs. something to avoid. I have created a deeper and more meaningful relationship with my father, which I never had. My romantic, family and work relationships are a source of joy for me now as opposed to being something to survive.”
— Engineer, Female, Age 37